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In Case You Haven't Noticed - Texas we have a Problem - a Water Problem
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As of November 15,2011, 91% of the State of Texas is in Extreme to Exceptional Drought. This year we have only experienced the first year of the drought. It is estimated that in the eight county region of Houston , we will loose 66 million trees in the first two years of this drought.
Learn How You Can Save Your Trees From Drought
You have a home with gorgeous trees,work at an office, enjoy the a local park, drive through your neighborhood full of beautiful trees, what will your neighborhood look like when you loose 20% of them?  What about a third year of drought? Now you might loose 40% or more!
You think trees are just part of this drought?
Ranchers cannot produce hay for their cattle without added irrigation.
Small towns are under severe water restrictions - when you do not have the  water to keep up with missing rainfall, then the landscape begins to dry up and perish away.
All areas of Texas - Houston, Austin, San Antonio have been especially hard hit.
With the drought conditions, the Monarch Butterfly does not have their only mainstay Milkweed growing in the forests and across Texas to lay their eggs to be able to pollinate flowers and vegetables alike.
Trees on the sides of rivers, bayous, creeks are dying since their root system is not able to get the needed water that occurs when rain occurs in those channels.
Foundations all across Texas are failing due to lack of water when their clay base shrinks due to no rainfall to keep the below slab clay hydrated.
Are you ready for the really BAD NEWS?

Texas state climatologist John Nielson-Gammon interviewed by "The Lookout" states that he fears the drought--which has already cost more than $5 billion in damage--may be similar to the one that struck the State of Texas in the 1950s which lasted 8 years. The weather patterns at the source of this drought are likely to continue --namely the "La Niña" weather pattern in the Pacific is the reason. The drought cycle may stick around until 2020 ( another 9 years).
Texas is involved in a severe drought and to make things worse, most areas are also under water restrictions; this combination without normal rainfall makes the ground very hard so that when you do irrigate the moisture generally will only go as deep as ½ inch before it evaporates. 
Now the GOOD NEWS!
The H2O Conservation Technology program is designed to save your trees from drought by pulling moisture down into the lower soil layers as soon as moisture touches the ground. We can save your prize trees and pull moisture down 24 inches deep as fast as you water the soil (we give you deep root watering with a simple rain shower or irrigation cycle). We also deep water your  shrubs and turf ; such that even under water restriction  requirements your landscape is as healthy and lush as if watering on a daily basis.
If you cut a tree down, it is gone forever. If you save the tree, you continue to utilize its beauty, shade affect on your electric bills, enjoy your home, hang your bird feeder, your hammock or just watch the squirrels and birds.
Best of all , we can save a tree for half the cost to cut a tree down.
Yes , HALF THE COST!  So what are you waiting us to get your trees and landscape looked at today!
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April 2012
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